VESTA : Image tagging platform with progressive automation

You are just a few clicks away from building your own AI.

they trust us

Nobody understands better your problems than you and your collabarators

We have created Vesta to let you build AIs that solve your specific image recognition problems.

Our user-friendly interface let any professional with its domain know-how to teach the engine and deploy its APIs.

Open Vesta, choose you tags and start teaching.


  • Defect inspection

    Detect any product defect and ensure quality on your production lines.

  • Content tagging

    Classify your website content by tagging items with tags describing material, shape, color, category.

  • Content quality

    Detect content that doesn't fit your quality and standards with tags such as watermark, weapon, nudes, etc.


  • Annotate images

    Start by annotating a few of your images. Let your experts deal with this task or let our operators handle that task for you.

  • Train your AI

    In one click, activate deep learning algorithms and see the first results from your trained neural network. Active learning : From now on, the images to annotate are suggested by the platform so that it is optimized to fasten the creation of your AI.

  • Measure your AI performance

    Get a continuous feedback on your AI accuracy and keep annotating until you reach your target performance.

  • Deploy your AI

    When you reach your performance goal, deploy your neural network instantly on the cloud or your infrastructure and use it through an API.


  • How do you ensure the security of our data?

    We ensure that your data is encrypted and safely stored in order to ensure end-to-end security. Our annotation team follows strong security protocols.

    Do you work with embedded systems?

    Our solutions are usually made available with APIs. However, for specific use-cases we can work with our client on embedding our models in their hardware.

  • What's included?

    • 1-month free trial to test Vesta

    • API deployment on GPUs

    • Human-in-the-loop system to ensure accuracy of the system