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You understand your problems better than anyone

That's why we have created VESTA, a revolutionnary platform to create your own AI to solve your specific image recognition problem. Our user-friendly interface lets you train your AI with your domain-specific knowledge and deploy your APIs. Just in a few clicks, open Vesta, choose your tags and start teaching.

How it works


  • Defect inspection

    Detect any product defect and ensure quality on your production lines.

  • Content tagging

    Improve the organization of your website by generating descriptive tags.

  • Content filtering

    Remove unwanted content such as watermarks, weapons, nudity, etc.


  • How do you ensure the security of our data?

    We ensure that your data is encrypted and safely stored in order to ensure end-to-end security. Our annotation team follows strong security protocols.

    Do you work with embedded systems?

    Our solutions are usually made available with APIs. However, for specific use-cases we can work with our client on embedding our models in their hardware.

  • What's included?

    • 1-month free trial to test Vesta

    • API deployment on GPUs

    • Human-in-the-loop system to ensure accuracy of the system