Image intelligence. We help you solve complex problems by designing image recognition systems.

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Computer vision systems designed to solve your problems

You have a problem involving images that you don't know how to tackle?

Let us put our expertise in deep learning and computer vision to work for you. We build high-accuracy, state-of-the-art systems that can be used in synergy with human workforce to solve the most complex problems.

We already work on problems ranging from security and e-commerce to food industry and autonomous vehicles.

  • Expertise and scalability

    Over the years, we have built the ultimate deep learning toolbox, which allows us to efficiently build datasets, train image recognition systems and deploy them on the cloud.

  • Humans-in-the-loop

    In certain industries, such as defense and security, or fraud detection, it is important to always ensure the highest accuracy and adaptatability of your systems. We have designed human/machine hybrid algorithms to build high-accuracy and ever-evolving systems.


  • Marketplace image cleaning

    E-commerce, classified and marketplace companies use Deepomatic solutions to ensure the quality of their product images by detecting poor quality images, fake product images, badly categorized products.

  • Threat detection in images

    Companies working on smart cameras and social media monitoring use our systems to detect threats, weapons or supsicious behavior. Thanks to our high-quality models combined to our human operator platform, we ensure adaptability over time and an extremly high level of detection.

  • Consumer-facing apps

    Brands use Deepomatic to build amazing consumer experiences based on computer vision. Our technology allows to attach content to objects in real life and increase user engagement.


  • How do you ensure the security of our data?

    We ensure that your data is encrypted and safely stored in order to ensure end-to-end security. Our annotation team follows strong security protocols.

    Do you work with embedded systems?

    Our solutions are usually made available with APIs. However, for specific use-cases we can work with our client on embedding our models in their hardware.

  • What's included?

    • Problem analysis and solution design

    • We build datasets and train models to solve your problem

    • API deployment or embedded integration

    • Human-in-the-loop to ensure accuracy of the system